Eye tracking in facility and on the go... To mitigate self-report measure biases!
That’s where UX Recherche comes in!
Fact is: designers cannot accurately predict where people will look, and participants cannot reliably report what they have seen: “…designers can only predict 46% of the elements typically seen by the user, and only 36% of designers are successful at predicting the first three looked at areas of their design.” - Johansen/Hansen, 2006.
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Expert opinion is great, however… empirical evidence is better. That is why we provide objective and actionable empirical data through the use of in facility and on the go eye tracking technologies. Combined with our UX Focus and UX Mobile services, UX Zoom provides your marketing team, designers and integrators with undeniable biometric data demonstrating the perceptions and cognitions of users. UX Zoom further helps you minimize risks and maximize return on investment.