Large scale usability and user experience research... Because sample size matters!
That’s where UX Recherche comes in!
Fact is: large scale usability and user experience research, as well as online intercepts, used to cost a fortune and take an eternity. Thanks to our proprietary methodologies, prices have become affordable and processes have become fast enough to be included at ANY and EVERY point of a product’s R&D, sales, or marketing cycle.
UX Recherche
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Autonomous large-scale usability testing and non-invasive online interceptions through our exclusive applications can be done in record speed! Whether you require perfectly targeted online individual UX tests through our own proprietary panel (34 000 panelists), or non-invasive website visitor interceptions, you deserve actionable empirical data of this magnitude. UX Quantum mitigates the potential biases of small-size samples and further helps you make informed decisions thus minimizing risks and maximizing return on investment.