It was a great pleasure to participate to the Hackathon organized this weekend by Hacking Health and which took place at the HEC Montreal and the Ste-Justine Hospital!

In barely 48 hours, 35 techno projects emerged to efficiently meet the needs that were expressed by doctors, nurses, patients and their families on Friday night.

This is a prime example that when people generously join forces (developers, designers and users), we can find creative solutions and implement them quickly.

Here are my 3 “Coup de Coeur” projects:

Project #46: Create a "PEP Hero" game to encourage children with cystic fibrosis to practice their breathing exercises.

Spending 20 minutes each day doing respiratory therapy is not always easy when you are 8 years old. The team wanted to make these moments more pleasant by creating a game in which children play the role of a captain who must move his spaceship by exhaling through a device connected to the computer!

During the game, the children receive information on the quality of their breathing that allows them to loosen the mucus clogging their lungs.


Project #22: Driving simulator wheelchair « Hacked K-art ».

This simulator allows children to master their new wheelchair in a fun and safe environment. Instead of learning to manipulate their chairs in the corridors of a hospital, children can choose an environment (classroom, home or magical universe) and test the limits of their wheelchair without taking real risks and without being scrutinized by the looks of others...


Project #31: Application"Elmo" allowing speech-language pathologists to remotely assess language issues.

When a little child comes to the hospital to meet a therapist, after being on a waiting list for several months, he is intimidated and dares not speak. Professionals usually need 3 appointments before being able to pose a diagnosis and initiate a treatment.

With this mobile app, parents can record their children’s expressions in a natural environment before sending the clips via the Internet. Professionals can then immediately identify the problems and save precious time for the child who can start therapy faster as well as valuable for the professionals who can handle more children and thus, shorten the waiting time!


Of course, many projects were impressive, clever, resourceful and creative. So a big Congratulations to all!

To see the list of projects developed for Hacking Health:



Fasken's Start Up Prize and Most likely to succeed: Go Sainte-Justine dans ma poche


MedTech/Innovitech prize and Jury's Honourable Mention: Hacked K-art


Best for Health Education: Web Referentiel Infirmier


BDC and 360MedLink support and Best Integration of Innovative Technology: Google Glass projects


Best for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems: Justine Time


Best Consumer Health: Projet Sentinelle


Most Innovative, and Kid's Prize: NeuroScreen


Best for Mothers and Child Care: Carlo, Tiny Tot On the Go, Mission Koda


Hacking Health's Coup de Coeur grand prize: ELMO

More informationabout the event: